Thursday, February 4, 2016

Let's Slip Into Something A Little More Comfortable

One time on Ebay, I spotted a bed jacket similar to this Princesse tam.tam piece. 

I can't make too much of a case for the gift of lingerie this Valentine's Day unless it includes chamois padding, like this. As someone who has experienced a skirt full of cold wind while wearing thigh high's, I must advise against getting too fancy with your underthings during the winter months. The moment for slinky things is when you get home. It's actually pretty important to clean up and dry off/out after being tested during one's commute. You can still sweat significantly during your winter commute if you live at the top of a monstrous hill (like I used to) or the day turns out to be freakisly warm or your wear a fabric that doesn't breathe the way you thought it would. Whatever your predicament, take inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood (and all the time I spend procrastinating on Ebay) and consider some swanky loungewear.

 A classic good for both ladies and gents

In addition to robes, Etsy also has smoking jacket patterns

A cozy kimono-style bed jacket found on free people

As I write this, I'm wearing a nemaki kimono I purchased on Ebay. I cannot say enough in praise of getting a deal and dressing for your climate. It's way too warm for a quilted kimono right now (it was 72 degrees in Hampton Roads today) and my kimono is slightly more than a third the price of the former. Moreover, you can sleep in it and there are nemaki for men too. Whatever you chose to lay around in, on Valentine's Day or any other day, I hope it's fabulous.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

What's New

On this blog, that could serve as a general question or one regarding cycling fashion in particular. I haven't been around the old blog recently. Firstly, I'm a musician which means that the holidays are incredibly busy for me and I've taken my sweet time to rest and get back into ordinary routines. Secondly, I've given a lot of thought to returning to this blog in a different way. In fact, I've thought a lot about making changes to this blog. I want to make a recommitment of sorts. I used to post a lot more because I liked sharing the idea that cycling is a cool thing to do anywhere, any time, in any clothes you feel like wearing. I still like talking about that, but I think I let the process of blogging and the idea of being connected to social media get in the way.

I don't delight in cropping and resizing pictures or inserting codes and keywords to be present to social media sites or search engines. I'm trying to make those procedures as automated as possible so that I don't have to think about them so much and get distracted from the writing that I enjoy. Also, I see a lot of shiny, pretty things and ideas on the interwebs that I'd be excited to talk about, but I don't because they aren't immendiately related to bikes. That should change.

Chic cycling is and always will be at the center of this blog. I guess I've just believed wrongly that I should isolate the topic completely instead of looking at it as a part of the way one lives. I have a lot going on outside of the saddle, as do many of you. Therefore, I don't think it would be irrelevent to write about some incredibly delicious recipe I tried or some cool thing I found for the laundry. In short, I'll be sharing chicness across all categories and occassionally offering up advice like, "You should try putting yogurt in your hair." (No, really you should).

One way you're going to see this change is that I'll be blogging more frequently. Another way you'll see this change is in a redesigned blog with a new name. I'm working on it with a designer at the moment so you should be seeing this relaunch in a couple of weeks. I'm pretty excited about it and I'm pretty sure that I'm driving her mad so, if she can hold on for another week, I belive I'll be relaunching this blog in a couple of weeks. (I'll be tweeting development details and redirection information so just be on the lookout for tweets from @C0URTNEE).

Friday, November 20, 2015

Retroreflective Is All I Can See

Fiks:Reflective Pedal Reflective T Shirt

The dark gray bands on this coat by Heisel gleam with white light.

Medium gray polka dots are white when hit by light for a truly eye-catching pair of socks.

I appreciate the seasonal quality of ICNYSport's catalog.

This is part of their collaboration with Puma that includes tops, pants, jackets, and a bag.

ICNYSport seems to favor the 5 panel style over the cyling cap, but that's ok.

This jacket by is discreet by day, impossible to overlook at night.

Aptly named, the "Blazing Blouse."

Preparing for winter riding has had me thinking about being out in the dark and cold, but it hasn't really been cold in coastal Virginia. That just leaves me with, "dark," and it seems that everywhere I look online, I see reflective stuff. In my last post, almost all of the products were coming from makers on the other side of the pond. This go-round, all the companies are based in the USA, specifically Pittsburg and New York City.

Fiks:Reflective produces a variety of reflective products most of which go on your bike. I'll be discussing those at a later date. For now, my favorite tee shirt from their collection is pictured at the top of this post and until today I could've worn it with no need for a jacket (Virginia weather is crazy right now). Perhaps they'll come out with a matching hoodie in the future.

I think a Google Alert brought Heisel to my attention. I was impressed by the stylish eco-felt coat— I didn't even know there was such a thing as eco-felt. This is an investment piece priced at a premium like many things in New York. If you're not ready for that level of commitment or expenditure, it appears that Ms. Heisel has recently released a microfiber tee with moisture wicking technology and long, patterned, reflective sleeves. There are also socks— that holiday gift staple— given a mission and a little street style with big, reflective, gray polka dots.

ICNYSport puts their retroreflective touch on everything from apparel and outerwear to hats, gloves, and iPhone cases. In a major move, they've collaborated with Puma on a winter collection. I'm a fan of a silver sneaker; I always have to have a pair in my closet. I guess it's because they're metallic, but not as ostentatious as gold. The Puma x ICNY R698 All Reflective is available in silver while the R698 Reflective comes in three colors with reflective piping.

I've been a fan of Vespertine from the start and I'm thrilled to see Sarah Canner expand her line in such a conscious and beautiful way. The price points across her jewelry and accessories lines put haute réflecture within everyone's grasp. There are dresses, outerwear, blazers, and button-downs appropriate for the office as well as vests that wouldn't look out of place in Times Square on New Year's Eve. I'm greatly impressed by how demure the windowpane print is in daylight and how brightly it shines in headlights. I also love the variety and versatility of the jewelry line.

There's enough reflective product here for you to glow from head to toe. Several years ago, trying to pull off such a look would've probably had you looking ridiculous. Now you just look like any other put-together person and that's brilliant.